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The One Academy is the place to come for All your Online Learning requirements, within the One Academy you can learn in a style that suits you best. Learning must be instant, engaging and relevant to the topics being explained.


The blended learning styles available are:


eLearning - These packages are aimed at desk-based learning, as this is the most cost- and time-effective learning style. You can work at your own pace and in the comfort of your own preferred location. eLearning generally includes animation and voiceover making the course more engaging, more enjoyable and information quicker to absorb. An eLearning package tends to last between 30 – 60 minutes depending on the subject matter, but can be completed in sections if required.


Face to Face - these are courses that are run by a skilled tutor at a specified location - this is the most personal type of training and it provides a great opportunity to ask questions as you are learning.


Weblearn - Would you like to learn at a time and place convenient to you? A Weblearn is just that. Weblearns consists of an animated slide show with a voiceover, pre-recorded by a skilled tutor. You control the speed and flow of the training and, in most cases, will have your knowledge challenged by way of a quiz. Weblearns are available in many of the available Learning Chapters.


Webcast - a Webcast consists of a highly skilled tutor talking through a slideshow which is screened on your PC. You can usually ask questions and get instant feedback during the Webcast.


QuickLearn – Don’t have the time for a full eLearning package? Try these short sharp bursts of learning on business relevant topics. Just in time learning that you can pick up and view at any time. Just enough information to give you a good overview of your chosen subject Approximately 10 minutes in duration, and with no certificate at the end, Quicklearns will give you what you need to know, and let you get back to what you need to do - quickly.


Links - exactly what you would expect, a link to a further source of valuable information. This could be; a website, a PowerPoint presentation, word document or any other type of file. All providing information relevant to your chosen topic. Links can be revisited time and time again for future reference.


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